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We Are

We Are

MAMG was born to set new paradigms in the dispute resolution and prevention market.

The lawyers who form MAMG have been a team for a long time.

They have all met working under the same structure. Some have been flying solo for a while, until the whole group decided to reunite under a new brand, guided by the same values that were already part of everyone’s work and daily life, but which will now be enhanced within a new vision and a new mission.

People first, ethics, excellence and unique assistance are values that MAMG team has always carried with it and now will gather under this new brand, empowering them in a new vision and a new mission.

But our team wants more. Our ambition, besides continuing to offer high quality services with effective results for our clients, will be establishing new paradigms in terms of human relations, in the three dimensions of relationships in which we practice: relationship with clients, among the people who are part of our team, and between us and the world around us.

The world demands for change. And we want to be part of that change.

We render legal services that help people and companies to continue pursuing their purposes without wasting valuable resources in disputes. We work because we wish to provide our clients, our team and the community with a whole new experience on how disputes are dealt with and on how to work with them.

Disputes are always driven by people, and dispute prevention and resolution always depend on people. Our focus on people has both external and internal dimensions.

Externally, we help our clients to create and execute the best strategy for the prevention and the resolution of disputes which could jeopardize the pursuit of their own purposes. To that end, we use different methods and techniques, such as negotiation, facilitation, conciliation, mediation, dispute boards, arbitration, litigation. As dispute lawyers, we are designers of strategies and legal solutions to our clients’ problems. We aim to provide our clients with the best costumer experience they could have with a law firm. We do it by giving full attention, care and dedication to all matters trusted to us, with the urgency the case demands. The key is not only to have a highly qualified team, with vast experience on dispute prevention and resolution, but to maintain an adequate proportion of cases per counsel, and to ensure the correct level of seniority to each matter (we always have more than one partner dedicated to each dispute).

Internally, we will prioritize our team in our management decisions, both in financial terms and in the allocation of other resources. We also aim to provide our associates with the best work experience they could possibly have in a law firm. We care about the well-being of our associates and an important part of our mission is to contribute to develop a new paradigm on how associates are treated, respected and acknowledged in the field of dispute prevention and resolution.